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Using the Web Store:     *Please read before registering students in a Sport or Activity

SKSD Students and Parents

SKSD Parents and Students must register using their Skyward Family Access user name to log into the Web Store.  A new password must be created by clicking the "First Time Employee/Parent/Student Login" link above.  

All Purchases, payments of fines, or registrations for sports and activities must be completed using the participant's account (student's name).  Once logged in, users should see "Who are you Shopping for?....(select the student's name)".  If you don't see the student's name as a "Shopping for" option... stop...and contact your school for assistance.


Homeschool/Non-SKSD Students and Parents, and Community Members

Homeschool/Non-SKSD students and parents, or community members may create a guest account to purchase items, make donations, or register for sports and activities.  However, if the Homeschool/Non-SKSD student is registering for a sport the Homeschool/Non-SKSD student's name must be the primary name on the guest account application. (Please do not register using the parent's name).  

All sports and activity registrations for Homeschool/Non-SKSD students must be completed using the guest account with the participant's name (Homeschool/Non-SKSD student name).  Please do not register using the parent's name/account. Once logged in, users should see "Who are you Shopping for?...(select the Homeschool/Non-SKSD student's name)".  If you don't see the Homeschool/Non-SKSD student's name as a "Shopping for" option... stop...and contact the school for assistance.

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